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Airbus Proposes a Detachable Airplane Cabin to Smooth the Boarding Process

by Allie Moore

Jan 13, 2016

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Unless you can fork over the money or the miles for a first-class seat on an airplane, air travel is not the most comfortable or seamless way to get from point A to point B. Airlines are trying to improve the state of boarding policies to decrease the amount of time between entering the airport and finally boarding the plane, potentially hours after entering. With lines at the check-in counter, security checkpoints and boarding gates, traveling becomes an exhausting waiting game in a matter of minutes.


Airbus recently acquired a patent that will allow them to explore a solution to the extensive waiting process involved in flying. The solution involves detaching the passenger cabins from the rest of the airplane so that fueling, loading baggage and boarding passengers can be completed in separate steps, and even separate places. Instead of waiting for the plane to fill up with travelers and luggage, the detachable cabin can wait at the boarding gate and allow passengers to board, while the main part of the plane is fueling or preparing for the flight in other ways.


Allowing passengers to board the separate module at the gate would cut down on the time spent waiting at the gate. It would also streamline lengthy lines at the security checkpoint as each module could operate its own security screening. Implementing this feature would involve a complete redesign of airports, airplanes and current airline processes, but improving the ease of air travel would be a welcome development for all involved.



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