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Sep 11, 2021

We Remember: The 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Today marks a somber day in American history as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. We remember and honor the heroes who passed away, were injured and who risked everything to help on that September day in 2001.

Find the Perfect Greek Island for You

With more than 6,000 islands total, with 227 inhabited, in Greece, the selection is overwhelming. Which one is perfect for your next vacation?

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Sep 10, 2021

Sleep Like Royalty at The Rushmore, Georgia

Athens, Georgia, is known for beautiful antebellum architecture on quaint, tree-lined streets, making it the perfect backdrop for weddings with southern charm or a night out for live music and cocktails. Perfect for parents, football fans, college students at nearby University of Georgia or visitors looking for a dreamy getaway, The Rushmore Five Points Hotel is a new, modern bed and breakfast located in the heart of the action.

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Sep 6, 2021

Under Canvas Announce New Opening Near Bryce Canyon National Park

Under Canvas announced its newest location, Under Canvas Bryce Canyon, set to open for its inaugural season on June 2, 2022. On 750 acres, the new camp will boast expansive views of Mt. Dutton and the Escalante Mountains, with proximate access to Bryce Canyon National Park.

A Taste of Greece

Prepare your taste buds for the trip of a lifetime in Greece. About 100 Greek products — from wines, cheese and fruits to honey and oils — earned a Protected Designation of Origin from the European Union, and the country’s most beloved dishes include Greek Choriatiki salad, tzatziki, souvlaki and moussaka, with its layers of eggplant, potato, minced meat and bechamel. And those are only a few of the many highlights.

Visit an Underwater Art Museum

Take snorkeling and diving to another level with an underwater art display. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, in Walton County, Florida, this art installation is less than one nautical mile off shore. Visitors can access the museum through Grayton Beach State Park.