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Apr 15, 2019

Bali May Introduce Tourism Tax for Visitors

Some destinations that see high numbers of international visitors have chosen to take measures to control the flow and to support tourism infrastructure. As such, some cities like Tokyo and Venice implemented their own versions of tourism taxes, or taxes visitors must pay at the airport or as part of airfare when visiting certain locations.

Leave Troublesome Rideshare Worries Behind

We can see it now and remember when it happened to us: Watching as the black car icon loops around and around, seemingly endlessly, and our wait time on the rideshare app continually changes. Long wait times and confused drivers are just a few bothersome issues that can nag at rideshare users. Need a solution? Ditch rideshares altogether in favor of renting a car on your next trip.

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Apr 15, 2019

Celebrate National Superhero Day

April 28 marks the celebration of National Superhero Day. While everyone has an opinion of the best superhero, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the iconic characters that are an integral part of pop culture today.

ATL Skypointe

Beyond being a major hub in the global transportation network, Hartsfield-Jackson is also proud to be a major hub for exciting, high-quality retail options through our award-winning concessions program, ATL Skypointe.

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Apr 14, 2019

2019 Film-Inspired Destinations

It’s no secret a good movie can boost an area’s tourism. Some undiscovered spots were irrevocably changed by the success of a film. Films can also highlight certain tourist attractions or areas once not as popular. People love being able to visit notable places and attractions they see in films in real life. The upcoming films of this year are sure to inspire travelers and encourage them to add some destinations to their wish lists.