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Alternatives to the GoPro

by Akhil Kalepu

Nov 3, 2014

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Founded in 2002, GoPro was a pioneer for compact, rugged cameras. The brand is now ubiquitous in the extreme sports and adventure scene, but many companies are now looking to give GoPro a run for its money. Here are some great alternatives to consider for your next action sports adventure.


POV Action Cam HDR AS100V from Sony, $299

Sony’s Action Cam is a compact, superlight camera, which features a splash-proof design, eliminating the need for a case unless you plan on filming underwater. For $100, you can also purchase the Live View Remote, an accessory you can wear on your wrist that has recording controls and a screen for monitoring your feed. Three color settings give you some artistic variety, and there is also a built-in GPS and microphone jack.


HD Ghost-S from Drift Innovation, $399

TheHD Ghost-S is packed with features to make your action shots go by smoother. An LED remote control comes with the camera, letting you control recording from up to 30 feet away. There is a built-in LCD screen made of scratch-proof glass, a rarity in this market and convenient for when you use the program’s editing features. The camera comes with a tagging system so you can segment the best moments from your recordings right after you shoot them, saving memory and editing time. A 300-degree rotating lens lets users mount the Ghost at any angle while keeping a level shot.


Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi from iON, $349

One of the favorite alternatives to the GoPro, the Air Pro 3 has a lightweight, waterproof shell that lets users access the controls while underwater. It has a cylindrical design, which is much thicker than a GoPro, so it’s better suited for mounting using one of their accessories. While the device lacks a screen, a WiFi app gives users access to a video feed, remote controls and social media. A vibrate signal also lets users know when the camera is recording, a convenient solution for videographers using mounted GoPros.


GC-XA2 Action Camera from JVC, $299

JVC’s Action Camera is a rugged alternative to the GoPro, featuring a dust-proof, shock-proof and freeze-proof case that is also water-proof up to five meters, making it one of the best action cams for underwater use. The camera has full HD recording and lets users manage color, contrast, exposure and frame rate right on the built-in screen. While most action cams sacrifice audio quality for portability, JVC’s offering has a surprisingly clear sound thanks to its tight housing.



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