AViiQ Portable Charging Station + Cable Rack System

by Edward Mack

Jan 5, 2015

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© AViiQ | Portable Charging System

© AViiQ | Portable Charging System

For better or worse, our lives are wired. We depend on technology and that technology often depends on rechargeable power. We can’t escape the cables thatour mobile phones, cameras, iPads and headphones demand. And their inconvenience doubles for the traveler, who often finds them a tangled mess of spaghetti at the bottom of his/her bag when he/she goes to reach for one. Luckily for us, AViiQ has created a simple, elegant solution to both of these problems: the AViiQ Portable Charging Station + Cable Rack System.


The four-port USB Charging Station utilizes the cables you already have to charge multiple devices at the same time. What sets the AViiQ apart is it doesn’t require any new cables, special connectors or adapters. Just plug in your USB cables, plug the charger into the wall and you’re ready to go.


The Cable Rack System keeps all your cables and wires neatly organized on four detachable winders. This way your cables are ready for the Charging Station or whatever other use without getting tangled.


The best-selling product is housed in a compact, portable leather case, making all the frustrations of managing and charging all your devices on-the-go a thing of the past.


AViiQ also offers the Charging Station + Cable Rack System with a battery pack for travelers who need an extra power source.


Learn more at aviiq.com.



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