Bachelor Party in Bangkok

by Brendan Byrne

Dec 7, 2016

Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand © Ioana Grecu | Dreamstime

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The Hangover II begs debauchery if you’re looking to have your bachelor party in Thailand’s capital. We’re going to go a different route if only because it was a truly horrible film. That’s not to say we’ll wholly ignore Bangkok’s club scene but let’s start out slow.


Try booking the Silom Thai Cooking School where your group will head to the market to shop for everything you need to prepare and then feast on a 5-course traditional Thai meal. If nothing else, you’ll be able to prepare an authentic meal for your significant other upon your return and simply use, “See baby, we really didn’t go crazy. We took a cooking class.”


Following lunch, head to the Bangkok Shooting Range, catering to bachelor parties for years. You’ll learn safe shooting practices before the tournament the staff assembles for groups begins and someone will have bragging rights for the rest of the evening.


To me, no bachelor party should be without all participants having a stomach full of red meat (to soak up all that booze later?) and you can’t do much better than El Gaucho Argentinian Steak House, no stranger to hosting a man’s sending off to his next life.


From there, I’m going to leave you to your own resources. If you want to keep it going till sunrise, Bangkok makes it easy. To suggest where you should go would be the acme of folly. Half the fun of Bangkok is playing it by ear and letting the night dictate your next destination. This is Bangkok, not rocket science. You’ve got it from here.



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