Best Souvenirs to Collect from Europe

by Allie Moore

Nov 18, 2015

© Jitchanamont | Dreamstime


It’s difficult to travel all the way to Europe and return with absolutely nothing but a camera and a mind full of memories. If you’re planning on a jaunt across the Atlantic to one of the countries below, set aside some room in your carry-on for a few of their most popular souvenirs.


Spain or Italy, Olive Oil

These two southern European nations are known for making the best olive oil in the world. If you (somehow) neglect to taste the oil while dining in local cafés, snag a few bottles or samples from the airport’s duty-free shops.


United Kingdom, Tea

England’s traditional afternoon beverage can be enjoyed at any hour of the day if you choose to bring home this fairly inexpensive souvenir. Toast to tea time in your own home with a cup of English breakfast and a side of crumpets.


Belgium or Switzerland, Chocolate

Obtaining the delicious delicacy in these countries is almost a no-brainer as they produce and sell absolutely decadent cocoa-flavored sweets.


Slovakia, Leather Goods

Slovaks are known for their fine-leather crafts, like belts and wallets. Set aside a few euros to purchase authentic Slovak leather products that will last for years.


Germany, Beer Steins

The land of Oktoberfest sells decorative beer steins for the annual event so even if you weren’t there for the festival, you can celebrate year-round once you’ve landed at home.


Portugal, Port

Portugal’s signature fortified wine is produced only in the northern region of the Atlantic coastal country, so exclusivity is unmatched with a bottle of this cherished beverage.


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