Best Spring Destinations in France

by Nia Scott

Apr 14, 2018

Castellane, France © Tibisan |

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Castellane, France, is in southeastern France, near the famous Verdon Gorge. This destination is beautiful in springtime and offers travelers the experience of seeing nature come back to life after winter. It is not uncommon to see fields of bright yellow colza flowers in Castellane. These flowers make for great scenery when driving or walking by. There is also an abundance of nature-related activities, including bungee jumping, swimming, biking and more. Along with the breathtaking Verdon Gorge, Castellane has its own Castillon Lake, with shimmering turquoise water.

A lesser-known spring destination is Aubrac, France. It is a small village, found in the southern Massif Central, a mountainous region in southern France. During the winter, Aubrac is covered in snow and welcomes cross-country and alpine skiers. When the land breaks free of winter, it transforms into a village of beautiful, green rolling hills. At the end of May, a festival called The Transhumance takes place. It is a traditional festival where herds of cows are led to summer pastures. They are decorated with flowers and ribbons and walked to the plateau for everyone to see. Animal lovers and nature lovers will appreciate the beauty of Aubrac and its beloved cows.

One of the best times to visit Paris is in the spring. Going in early spring means you can avoid the tourists of summer, but also enjoy Paris in warmer temperatures. There are so many great things to do in Paris, like visiting the Eiffel Tower, walking through the many museums and marveling at the architecture. In spring, there are gardens beginning to bloom, including the Tuileries Gardens at the Louvre. For a special experience, take a daytrip to see Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny, a short drive from Paris.


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