Best U.S. Cities for History Buffs

by Katie Skrzek

Dec 4, 2017

Baltimore © Olivier Le Queinec | Dreamstime

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You don’t need to travel far within the United States to find destinations rich in history. If you’re a hardcore fan or just really enjoy exploring the historic side of our nation’s cities, check out this list of the best cities for history buffs.


Maryland’s seaport city is home to many important historic landmarks from the Fort McHenry National Monument and Shrine to the Inner Harbor. Fort McHenry is the birthplace of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

New Orleans

New Orleans is a city steeped in history, from early French and Spanish settlers to the cultural achievements in the performing and culinary arts. The city is the birthplace of jazz. The tradition is upheld today in daily performances and a world-class annual jazz festival.

New York City

New York City is home to one of the most iconic immigration stations in the country, Ellis Island. For many citizens, the journey to become an American started there. Ellis Island is still open for history fans to tour. Or travel into the five boroughs to explore the numerous historic sites.


The City of Brotherly Love temporarily served as our nation’s capital during the Revolutionary War. It’s home to many historic sites including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place. It’s also the only U.S. city on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Cities.

San Francisco

Two well-known U.S. landmarks reside in San Francisco: Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. Besides its importance in military history, the city is also an important social and cultural destination.

Savannah, Ga.

Step back in time on your visit to Savannah, Ga. The city still boasts stunning antebellum architecture and cobblestoned squares. Stay in the city’s Historic District during your visit.

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