Budget Eating in Bayamón

by Benjamin Kerns

Aug 24, 2017

Puerto Rico © Brett Critchley | Dreamstime

Tips / Destination

Puerto Rico has one of the most exquisite cuisines on the planet, but dining out in the country isn’t always cheap. When in Bayamón it can be pretty difficult to find a reliable restaurant for just a few bucks. Here are a few where your dollar will go a long way.

Luis Pizza Palace

When it comes to pizza, Italians usually take the cake in terms of flavor, but Puerto Ricans are close behind. This classic pizza joint offers some of the best in the country at a great price. In addition to cheesy goodness you can also find pasta, stromboli, salads and beer. The real treat here is the chorizo calzone.

Senor Paletas

The heat in Puerto Rico is no joke and sometimes the best thing for it is a tasty ice cream cone. Senor Paletas has plenty of flavors to choose from and the prices are incredibly affordable. The pistachio popsicle and Nutella ice cream are great options.

Panaderia y Reposteria Madrid

Panaderia y Reposteria Madrid has a reputation as one of the best bread shops in all of Bayamón. However, they also serve up some pretty fantastic Spanish soups. If you arrive in the early morning you’ll also be treated to plenty of sweet pastries to help start your day.

Restaurante Doña Ana

Restaurante Doña Ana is tucked away inside the El Mercado, but it houses the best traditional Puerto Rican food in Bayamón. The menu is entirely in Spanish, but the staff is fluent in English and can help you navigate your way through your meal. The bistec here is the true draw, so make sure to give it a try.

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