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The Can Can: Seattle’s Historic Cabaret

by Megan Hill

Mar 10, 2015

© Viacheslav Baranov | Dreamstime


Seattle’s Can Can cabaret is a subterranean nightclub that feels like a throwback to vintage Paris. The lighting is dim, the interior cramped and the performances intimate. The club is located beneath Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, where decades of colorful characters have come and gone.


Chances are you’ll start your evening at the bar, where expertly-made cocktails help prepare you for what’s coming next. Above your head as you sip, a glass skylight shows pedestrians walking overhead.


The main event takes place in a small theater, where scantily clad performers are dancing so close you might occasionally make eye contact with them — or even get pulled on stage. What’s more amazing is the fact they manage to kick and spin without hitting anyone. But consider this to your benefit: The small troupe of just five dancers puts on an impressive show with incredible skill and precision. You’ll be glad you’re sitting this close.


Meanwhile, during the show, you’ll somehow have to eat — this is dinner theater after all. Chef Kelly Connor prepares excellent food, and it’s just as beautiful as the dancers gyrating and spinning before you. Luckily, there are a couple of breaks in the show to gobble it up — and to order another round of drinks.



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