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Chasing 7 Waterfalls in Jamaica

by Aoife O'Riordan

Nov 23, 2022

Blue Hole © Jamaica Tourist Board


Jamaica’s waterfalls comprise some of the most beautiful natural features on the island, each one different from the next. Grab your swimsuit and seek out these stunning waterfalls in Jamaica.


Reach Falls

Reach Falls © Jamaica Tourist Board


Reach Falls

Situated within an ecological sanctuary in Portland, these falls were first discovered by runaway slaves seeking refuge. Greenery circles the falls, and caves await those daring enough to explore them. A heart-shaped natural pool also lies near the falls.



Dunn’s River Falls © Jamaica Tourist Board


Dunn’s River Falls

Considered one of Jamaica’s national treasures, this 960-foot-tall waterfall in Ocho Rios continuously renews itself from deposits of travertine rock. This comes from the calcium carbonate from the river flowing over the falls. Additionally, small, dome-shaped cataracts can be found within nearby limestone caves.



Konoko Falls © Jamaica Tourist Board


Konoko Falls

Located just five minutes from Ocho Rios, this waterfall includes a zoo, museum and koi pond. Take a guided tour near the waterfall to learn about the history of the island and its first inhabitants, the Tainos.



Mayfield Falls © Jamaica Tourist Board


Mayfield Falls

Mayfield features several waterfalls and natural pools, and Mayfield Falls provides the perfect escape for nature lovers. Its natural pools have a Jacuzzi-like effect from the churning currents from the falls. Mayfield Falls’ tallest waterfall, known as The Washing Machine, promises a thrilling experience.



© YS Falls


YS Falls

One of Jamaica’s premiere, nature-based attractions in St. Elizabeth, YS Falls opened in 1992 and continues to draw visitors and locals due to its beautiful scenery. Surrounded by lush gardens and trees, this seven-tiered waterfall cascades into natural pools for swimming. Recent additions to the area include canopy rides, taking guests from the top of the falls to its base.


Benta Falls

Benta Falls, a family-owned business, lies in Westmoreland, 9 miles from Negril. One of the country’s best-kept secrets, the attraction features waterfalls and a blue lagoon. At the falls, visitors can also explore acres of picnic trails and walk the orchards and farms showcasing local exotic flowers and fruit. Guests can climb the falls, bathe in the natural jacuzzi, relax in a mud bath and book a guided tour.



Blue Hole © Jamaica Tourist Board


Island Gully Falls

Also called Blue Hole, this waterfall leads into clear, blue waters. A few of the waterfalls invite guests to climb, rope swing and leap from their tops. Located in the hills of St. Mary, the river flows into several sizes of natural swimming pools. Guests in the area can also find a few caves to explore.


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