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Dîner en Blanc

by Monique Barrett

Sep 10, 2014

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Food & Drink

Launched in Paris more than two decades ago, the whimsical pop-up culinary event Dîner en Blanc has since spread to 50 destinations around the world, treating guests dressed entirely in white to an evening of très chic revelry in beautiful public, yet secret spaces in cities throughout the world.


Now attended by thousands in popular landmark spots, the pop-up al fresco picnic began in 1988 with a handful of friends in a popular Parisian location. The soiree has since grown into a worldwide epicurean phenomenon, assembling thousands of white-clad guests who bring their own chairs, tables, food and wine to outdoor locations throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific revealed to attendees only moments before the event.


The American debut took place in New York, and this year, it’s hitting several cities in the United States, including Albuquerque, Chicago, Cincinnati, Honolulu, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego and Washington, D.C.


To participate, guests must register on the official website’s mailing list or be invited by a member from previous years. Past participants are automatically invited to register.


The night of, those registered gather in designated meeting spots with their supplies and food, ranging from gourmet meals to takeaway, before table hosts lead guests to the secret location. When the sun sets, the elegant fête turns into a dance party with live music, balloons and sparklers. At the end of the evening, partygoers depart with their belongings, litter and leftovers, leaving the location as clean as it was upon arrival.


For more information and to see if the impromptu dinner party by way of Paris is coming to a city near you, visit www.dinerenblanc.info.



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