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Don’t Miss These Leap Day Deals at Moxy Hotels in New York City

by Mary Melnick

Feb 12, 2024

© Moxy Chelsea Hotel


Take advantage of the extra day this year and spend it at a Moxy Hotel. Numerous Moxy Hotels in New York City offer Leap Into Leap Year! packages featuring 29 percent off rooms booked the night of Feb. 29. And if you happened to be born on Leap Day, you can receive a free night stay and a celebratory bottle of prosecco with a valid license at check-in.


To book these packages, email sales@moxynyc.com and include your hotel preference and stay dates. For those not sure which Moxy property is right for you, read on.


Moxy Times Square

Moxy Times Square brings an energetic alternative to a typical hotel in New York City. The rooms and dining spaces are uniquely designed to wow guests at every turn. The 612-room hotel offers a wide variety of room types, social spaces and flexible meeting areas.


Moxy East Village

Located in the heart of New York’s iconic East Village, the neighborhood where rock ‘n’ roll, renegade art, LGBTQIA+ activism and generations of immigrants all merged to give birth to American counterculture, this hotel embraces the neighborhood’s rebellious spirit while offering an affordable price.


Moxy Chelsea

This refined yet playful hotel reimagines the urban jungle, blending botanically inspired design with Italian romance. Standing 35 stories tall, this micro-room, macro-amenity lifestyle hotel packs in all the fun with none of the price tag.


Moxy Lower East Side

Inspired by the neighborhood’s history as a crossroads of entertainment and culture and its present-day role as an incubator of innovation, Moxy Lower East Side offers endless amusements for travelers.


Moxy Williamsburg

Moxy Williamsburg offers an unconventional, playful and approachable experience throughout. The 216-room boutique hotel attracts locals and travelers alike with its range of dining and drinking options.



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