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How to Dress Like a Gent While Traveling

by Justin Barisich

Dec 28, 2014

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Being the classy gent you obviously are, you already know how to dress yourself well and have undoubtedly already filled your closet with a number of outfits for any occasion. However, when traveling, dressing well takes on a new challenge — packing minimally for multiple settings. And with the key, versatile items listed below packed in your bag, you’ll be well suited to keep on looking suave while jetsetting across the world.


Shoes (1–2)

In general, build your travel outfits from the feet up. You’ll be walking and moving a bunch as you travel, so you’ll want to keep your feet protected, comfy and looking handsome. Polish and shine a pair of brown oxfords, drivers or brogues before you leave, as they’ll coordinate beautifully with everything in your bag and will take you through most events. If you have the extra space in your bag, a pair of stylish sneakers is a great alternative for sportier vacations, and fashionable boots will see you through the colder months.


Jeans (1)

Dark-wash, straight-leg jeans will go with almost any outfit you can pull together. Dress them up with a sports jacket and brown shoes, or pair them with a sweater and some simple sneakers for a great, casual look.


Trousers (1)

Gray flannel trousers are adaptable, durable and more formal than your everyday jeans. Just one pair will get any traveling gentleman through those slightly-more-formal events with a number of outfits.


Dress Shirts and Ties (2 of each)

Bring two clean dress shirts — one in white and another in your favorite color. Paired with two well-picked ties, you’ll have four different shirt-and-tie combinations ready to go. (Jos. A. Banks has a great selection of wrinkle-free dress shirts in their Traveler’s Collection.) (


Sweater (1)

The merino wool, V-neck sweater is a widely versatile staple of any well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. As a material, merino wool is both light and warm, and the classic V-neck style pairs with almost anything, while being more modern/chic than a crew-neck sweater.


Sport Coat or Blazer (1)

To get the most use out of this vital, singular garment, you’ll want to choose a neutral-color sports coat that will go with nearly everything. Two great color choices for maximum outfit coordination: navy and gray.


Overcoat (1)

If you’re planning to travel to northern locales, you’ll certainly want to layer properly so you don’t freeze. But, be sure to leave that oversized, skiing jacket at home. Instead, wear a well-fitting wool overcoat to stay warm while remaining stylish. A charcoal-colored one will match well with many other garments.



  • Undergarments: Obviously, be kind to your most sensitive parts with high-quality cotton underwear and undershirts.
  • Socks: Invest in a few good pairs of quality, merino wool or mercerized cotton dress socks. They’ll keep your feet both warm and dry without being too thick to fit inside your dress shoes.
  • Cashmere scarf: Showcase your personality here and put some creativity in an otherwise conservative outfit.
  • Belt: Make sure it matches your shoes and looks clean and simple. No excessive decoration here, as you want to be able to pair it with many other pieces.
  • Jewelry: Do some research and find yourself a good watch that’s stylish, functional and affordable.
  • And don’t forget collar stays! They’ll keep your shirts from having floppy collars after being crushed in transit by the rest of your luggage.


With every item you pack in your travel bag, consider its versatility — color, pattern and outfit combinations; dressing them up or down to suit the occasion; and appropriateness given the weather wherever you’re heading. Remember to pack just as smartly as you dress, gents, and travel well.



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