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easyJet Airlines

by Allie Moore

Nov 26, 2019

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 Flying around Europe is known for being just as, if not more ,affordable than other methods of transit, such as the train, but some of Europe’s low-cost airlines caught bad reputations for being constantly delayed, canceled, operated on poor-quality aircraft or guilty of nickel-and-diming passengers so they end up paying just as much as they would for a flight on a major airline.


easyjet is one European discount airline recognized more often than others for its updated equipment, on-time departures and arrivals, and quality customer service, earning the Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe award at the 2019 Skytrax World Airline Awards.


Based at London’s Luton Airport, easyJet flies all over Europe, connecting cities like Belfast, Basel, Milan and Nice. Just like other low-cost airlines, easyJet is transparent about its extras, allowing each passenger to bring one bag on board, the maximum size of which can be a standard carry-on bag. This does not include a personal item, so personal items must either be tucked into your carry-on or you must check your luggage and bring only your personal item on board with you. easyJet also charges for seat selection and any in-flight drinks or snacks you wish to buy.


Despite these restrictions and rules, fares are incredibly cheap and often available at the last minute via smooth and sleek Airbus aircraft. When flying with easyJet, double-check your departure terminal as the airline often flies from smaller terminals.




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