Epic Study Abroad Adventures for Your Bucketlist

by Jenna Payesko

Aug 24, 2017

Patagonia, Chile © Adeliepenguin | Dreamstime

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Where will your next adventure take you? These epic study abroad adventures will take you somewhere you’ve never been, allowing you to experience unique journeys. Why not check a few off your bucket list?

Paddle the glow worm caves in New Zealand. If you’re studying abroad in New Zealand, or even if you’re not, make this a priority. Slip into a kayak and paddle through Waitomo Cave in Otorohanga, where the roof looks like a sky full of stars — except the stars are glow worms. The glow worms cling to the ceiling of a 30-million-year-old limestone cave.

Float in the Dead Sea in Israel. If you’re afraid of drowning, take a trip to the Dead Sea where the unusually high salt concentration makes sinking impossible. Lie back, relax and enjoy the lifting sensation of effortlessly floating atop the blue-green healing waters.

Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Swim with dolphins, fish, turtles and explore hundreds of other fascinating marine life in a coral reef system so expansive it can be seen from outer space. The colorful experience is an explosion to the senses and an opportunity unlike anything else.

Go camel trekking in Morocco. Follow the ancient caravan routes on the orange sands in the Sahara Desert. Think Indiana Jones, but real life. Climb aboard a camel and begin your adventure with excursions to the beaches of Tangier or the cultural capital of Fez.

Hike Torres Del Paine of Patagonia in Chile. Get ready for a full body workout and sore face muscles from photo taking as you encounter the Torres del Paine Towers, the rocky Cuernos and the glittering Grey Glacier. These are all natural highlights of the breathtaking Patagonia region of southernmost Chile.

Volunteer to teach children in Africa. Leave the tourist sites behind and affect real change for children displaced from their homelands. Volunteer in after-school programs in Accra, Ghana.

Snorkel in an underwater museum in Mexico. About 30 feet below the waves, off the coast of Isla Mujeres, is an exhibit requiring flippers on entrance that guarantees a perspective change upon exit. The Underwater Museum of Art strives to counter the effects of climate change and tourism on the local reef systems. Each art installation is bio-friendly and increases the habitat area for marine life.

Snack all through the markets of Taiwan. Long hours of study lead to night cravings and where else to cure them than at one of more than 100 night markets in Taipei? At the Gongguan Night Market, a quick walk from the National Taiwan University, you’ll find shops and food vendors open 11 p.m.–3 a.m.

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