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Fill Your Heart with Ireland

Jun 1, 2023

Mussenden Temple, Causeway Coast © Tourism Ireland

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Whether it’s the people, the craic (fun) or the coasts, travelers always find something to love about the island of Ireland. What fills your heart?


The People
Ireland’s hospitality is regarded as second to none. Why? Of course, it’s the warm, witty, welcoming and quirky charm of its people, sure to make any visitor’s trip to the country an unforgettable experience.


The Irish love a bit of mischief and devilment, from the comical remarks in the pubs to the wise-cracking of top comedians like Sharon Horgan and Chris O’Dowd. A breathtaking walking tour up Belfast’s famous Cave Hill is one thing, but hearing stories from tour guides Rodney Ferguson and Nicky Jones along the way brings the landscape to life. Explore the awe-inspiring medieval ruins of Fore Abbey in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands, and the lovely chat you’ll have with Jane O’Reilly, Fore Abbey Coffee Shop owner, will leave your heart feeling truly full as you move on to your next must-see sight. This is Ireland at its best — mixing BIG attractions and show-stopping moments with small, authentic encounters with locals.


It’s the same reason people love the Wild Atlantic Way or the Causeway Coastal Route. Traverse sprawling glens and vast seascapes by day, then cozy up by a pub fireside for a traditional music session by night. It’s the best of both worlds.


Oarsman Pub & Restaurant, County Leitrim

Oarsman Pub & Restaurant, County Leitrim © Tourism Ireland


The Craic
If there was a single word to sum up the feeling of Ireland, it might well be the Irish slang term craic. In the strictest sense of the word, it means fun, news or gossip, but it’s also an experience, a sensation, a feeling, an Irish expression of a great time — and it will definitely be part of your Ireland experience when you visit. The word craic is many things: a shared joke, the buzz of an Irish festival and the characters you meet. It’s a toe-tapping music session in a traditional, wood-paneled pub where the beats of the bodhrán drum stir your soul. It’s the chat and camaraderie over a shared pot of tea. It’s laughter, spontaneity and warmth. But, most importantly, it’s about sharing moments with other people.


Don’t miss out on engaging with all the local people and experiences you can because, after all, you can’t have craic on your own. No matter how hard you might try …


Howth Head, County Dublin

Howth Head, County Dublin © Tourism Ireland


The Coast
Crashing waves, soaring cliffs and epic walks. Ireland’s coast is sculpted by the ocean and offers dramatic panoramas that stir your soul. From the white-tipped waves of the thundering Atlantic to the turquoise-green waters of the east coast, Ireland’s coastline is a source of beauty, inspiration and joy.


Quaint seaside fishing villages and the bustling port cities of Dublin, Belfast and Cork to towering sea stacks and sea-lapped little coves, Ireland’s coastline is as varied as it is vast. There’s nothing quite like the awe-inspiring beauty of a coastal castle, ancient fort or wave-lashed lighthouse. Ireland’s coastal cliffs are something truly incredible to behold, and they include some of the most famous landmarks on the island: the Cliffs of Moher and the Slieve League Cliffs. A short hop from Dublin are the cliff paths of Howth (to the north) and Bray (to the south) book ending Dublin Bay; and only 40 minutes from Belfast sits The Gobbins — a wild cliff-face walk that brings you face to face with the elements.


Visit Ireland.com for more information.


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