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Frozen-Themed Norway Tours

by Veronica An

Jun 13, 2015

Sognefjord, Norway © Serban Enache | Dreamstime

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Plan your next vacation around Disney’s latest princess movie, Frozen. Explore Norway and just “let it go” while you marvel at the stunning winter views. These family-friendly vacation packages will surely make a princess out of you.


Adventures by Disney offers pre-packaged, charming vacations for Frozen fans.


The Discover Bergen tour begins in the village that inspired the kingdom of Arendelle and includes a historic wharf tour.


Choose the Journey Through Fjord Country package to see marvelous naturally formed fjords — narrow inlets with steep sides formed by glacial erosion — including the world famous Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord fjords.



For a more adventurous vacation, take the River Rafting Experience through the Norwegian landscapes. For adventures of a less strenuous sort, try the Learn Norwegian Folk Dancing package. Folk dancing is central to the movie and this tour will make a folk dancer out of you. This interactive tour is ideal for little princes and princesses.


Or choose the Visit Stave Churches tour and experience the rich architecture that inspired the film’s architecture. This vacation will be a cultural treat for little ones and parents alike.


Any tour you choose will provide a fun, Frozen family adventure.



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