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Gangtey Lodge in Bhutan Debuts New Wellness Experiences

by Jarone Ashkenazi

Sep 15, 2023

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Offering authentic luxury in the undiscovered beauty of Bhutan, Gangtey Lodge created its Five Keys to Wellbeing Program to welcome back international travelers. At the lodge, guests can uncover the mystical Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and live in a harmonious and inspiring environment.


Gangtey Lodge

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A perfect escape for the bustle and trouble of modern-living, Bhutan has a belief in a “high value, low volume” approach to tourism, which fits perfectly with Gangtey Lodge’s new well-being experiences. Whether looking to bolster physical, mental and/or spiritual wellbeing, guests can incorporate their Five Keys to Wellbeing in their new three- and four-night itineraries.


Launched in celebration of its 10-year anniversary, well-being experiences focus on nature, culture, wellness, spiritual and culinary aspects.



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Guests are inspired through nature to enhance or transform their life in nature, working out in the great open expanses of the Valley. Immersed in a sea of tall, blue pine trees, tailored programs from gentle valley walks to more strenuous hikes encourage guests to inhale and absorb the sweet scent of pines and fill their lungs with the purest air on Earth.


While at the lodge, visit neighboring villages to experience the beautiful traditional life of the Bhutanese countryside. Rich in culture and customs, guests can partake in Bhutan’s national sport Dha (archery), which together with Khuru (darts), are the most popular Bhutanese sports. Guests then finish up the day in a traditional dress, a Bhutanese Kira or Gho, for dinner or to visit the monastery.


After a long day out exploring, finish your day with a traditional hot stone bath in the beautifully appointed stone bathhouse or a relaxing, luxurious massage in the farmhouse suite. The heat from the water, minerals released from the large boulders collected from a river nearby and herbs foraged from the forest all combine to produce an array of medicinal benefits.



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Along with prayer sessions throughout the day and different ceremonies, guided meditation classes with a Lama provide a unique spiritual experience, enabling complete disconnection with the surrounding world. They also guide guests through spiritual experiences at Gangtey Goenpa (monastery) and Shedra (Buddhist college), to delve further into ancient traditions like joining monks at the Shedra for an early-morning Thrusel ritual.


Your journey to Gangtey Lodge wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful outdoor picnic or al-fresco breakfast on the terrace. Each dining experience at Gangtey Lodge promises to introduce exotic flavors of Bhutan as part of the cultural immersion into Gangtey Valley, with a menu composed of only natural and organic ingredients. Cooking classes are also offered to intrigued guests.


Offering the perfect blend of luxury through adventure, spiritual enlightenment and deep connections with the culture and community of rural Bhutan, Gangtey Lodge allows each guest to create their own physical and spiritual experience and create authentic connections.


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