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Go Treetop Trekking and Explore Gardens in South Florida

by Aoife O'Riordan

May 26, 2023

© The Trekking Group

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Have you ever wanted to see Miami from new heights or walk among South Florida’s most beautiful flora? Head to Treetop Trekking Miami, South Florida’s new aerial zip line adventure park, before venturing to nearby Pinecrest Gardens for a fun-filled day in South Florida.


© The Trekking Group

Treetop Trekking Miami, located within Jungle Island, sits across from Miami’s cruise ports and offers travelers a unique way to see the city’s natural beauty. Here, guests can go above the tree canopy altogether for a new perspective of the city and surrounding landscape. In addition to thrilling zip lines, the park also includes challenging obstacle courses and is home to a wide variety of animals like lemurs, sloths, flamingoes and more.


After time at Treetop Trekking Miami, a 30-minute drive south takes you to Pinecrest Gardens, a hidden gem in the heart of South Florida. Once known as Parrot Jungle, this historical tropical oasis spans 14 acres and features botanical gardens, art installations and a range of cultural events and performances year-round. See here for upcoming events and concerts.


© Village of Pinecrest

The botanical gardens consist of the lower gardens, a mangrove forest, palm trees, a tropical hardwood hammock, the dry gardens and more. The gardens’ permanent art collection features dynamic statues, colorful mosaics and even an intricate chandelier.


The gardens also recently opened its new multimillion-dollar, inclusive, ADA-accessible playground for children of all abilities.


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