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Google Chromebook

by Bridey Heing

Oct 29, 2014

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Working on-the-go can be difficult. From the extra luggage and hassle to finding a place to plug in, trying to get down to business while bouncing between airports and train stations can feel like more trouble than it’s worth. But if you frequently find yourself traveling with your computer, a Google Chromebook can help make getting work done a little easier.

The Chromebook is a lightweight laptop that runs the Chrome operating system. The computer requires Internet connectivity to be fully functional, with only limited local storage. Through full integration with Google, the Chromebook allows users to automatically save all files to Google’s apps for easy access from any computer. This means it’s easy to edit a document at the airport on Friday and pull it up in the office on Monday morning, fully updated and ready to continue.

Customers have the choice of three sizes, ranging from a small netbook to a full-sized laptop. All are designed to be lightweight and thin, perfect for travelers who don’t want to haul around a bulky computer. The seven-hour battery life means less time searching for an outlet, and the 10 to15 second start-up time makes it easy to pull out the computer and start working whenever the opportunity arises. Chromebooks also come with built-in virus protection and automatic updates, which means your information will be safe as you jet set around the globe.

The Chromebook isn’t perfect, though. Many programs are not compatible with Chrome OS, and only apps downloaded through the Chrome store can be used. This means Microsoft Word or Adobe can be difficult to use as formatting changes between these and Google Drive isn’t perfect. The computer isn’t designed for any heavy lifting, but if the primary use is word processing and Internet browsing, it will stand up to everyday use without losing power.

For those who work from the road, the Google Chromebook offers ease of mind with built-in virus protection and automatically saved edits. Gone are the days of losing changes due to a dead battery or sudden crash. Although not a very powerful laptop, Chromebook is an easy-to-carry choice for those looking for a lightweight, travel-friendly computer.


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