Have a Culinary Adventure for a Bachelor/ette Party

by My Best Friend’s Weekend

May 1, 2015

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Bachelor/ette Parties

One of the best parts of a destination bachelor/ette party is the chance to spend some time actually exploring the destination you’ve chosen — beyond the nearest bar. To turn a destination bachelor/ette party into something a little more special, here’s how we try to incorporate a local flavor into the weekends we plan.


Research, research, research

What is the area known for? What produce is local to the region? And what dishes are special? For example, we’ve organized a Maryland blue-crab dinner for a group visiting Annapolis, low-country boils in Savannah and Charleston, barbeque in Austin and hot chicken tastings in Nashville. Sure, you can get barbeque in Brooklyn too, but it’s part of the Texas experience.


Go where the locals go

One of the frustrations of a destination weekend is you don’t necessarily know where the locals eat. Our favorite work-around? Besides local friends, ask everyone else you’re talking to in planning the weekend who actually lives in your destination city. We’ve gotten stellar recommendations from taxi cab drivers, waitresses and bartenders for where they’d go for a true taste of the city.


Bring in an expert

Sure, it can be fun to go to the place everyone goes. We’re just as big a fan of hanging out at a local barbeque joint or crab shack as the next person. But if you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen — or even if you’re not — we love to find a local chef or caterer to make a meal for us. In sourcing the right chefs for our clients, we’ve tapped into the local restaurant scenes in cities across the United States to find up-and-comers ready to cook delicious local cuisine for smaller groups.


Not sure where to start? Let us know where you’re going and we’re happy to share some ideas. Just give us a holler at hello@mybestfriendsweekend.com.


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