How to Book a Last-Minute Summer Vacation

by Katie Skrzek

Jul 2, 2018

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Let’s face it — planning a vacation far in advance isn’t always possible. Between work and other social obligations, it can be difficult to commit to a trip, especially an expensive or long vacation. However, there is still time this summer to get away. Follow our tips for planning a last-minute summer vacation.


Be Flexible

Check Google Flights ( for the best deals by time and location. Be open to visiting an unexpected city if you find a cheap flight deal.


Search Nearby

Instead of flying somewhere, take a look at destinations within a short drive. This way you will only need to worry about a place to stay and not the logistics of an airport trip.


Go Camping

Pack your things and head to the campgrounds. Many places throughout the country don’t require a reservation, so double check the camp nearest you before you leave home.


Enlist Family and Friends

Do your grandparents own a beach house? Does your best friend have a cabin? Ask around and see if you could stay with your loved ones for a quick and easy break. Offer to pay for some meals or bring a gift as a thank you.


Book a Staycation

People have mixed feelings about the value of a staycation. The best part about planning one is you can completely make it your own. Book a night at a luxury hotel in your city. See a touristy attraction you’ve never visited. Dine at a new restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

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