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How to Explore Neuschwanstein Castle

by Mary Melnick

Apr 12, 2024

© Mary Melnick

Destinations / Europe

Most people know Neuschwanstein Castle as Walt Disney’s inspiration for both Cinderella’s and Sleeping Beauty’s castles, but it is also filled with history and stories from German royalty. In 1868, King Ludwig II began construction of the medieval-style castle to live in. Sadly, it wasn’t finished before he died, so the king never got to see the finished product. Today, the castle is privately owned, but travelers can still explore it on a guided audio tour.



© Mary Melnick

Since the castle sits atop a steep hill, guests have the option to walk up the path, take a horse-drawn carriage or a bus ride up to a certain point. The trek up the hill takes a good amount of time, so make sure you plan accordingly to arrive on time for your tour.


Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to wait in the castle square, enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and listen to the relaxing sound of falling water from a nearby waterfall. Once it’s time for your tour, you’ll be given a listening device based on your preferred language.


During the tour, you’ll learn all about King Ludwig II and be guided through different rooms, including Singers Hall, designed for balls and shows; Throne Hall, which showcases the story of Ludwig’s interpretation of being a king; the Study; different bedrooms; servants quarters; and much more.


The beauty doesn’t stop at the end of the tour. When done, make the trek to Marienbrüke Bridge for some of the most breathtaking views of the castle.


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