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How to Spend a Day in Ibiza

by Eugenia Lazaris

Sep 18, 2023

© Michal Bednarek | Dreamstime.com

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Ibiza has a pretty solid reputation as a party island, but when the clubs close and the sun comes up, you just may find yourself wondering what you can do on this Spanish island.


On a recent stop during a Mediterranean cruise, I found myself wondering the exact same thing. I arrived with a sadly misguided notion that Ibiza was nothing but beaches, bars and nightclubs and while it definitely has all of the above, I was pleasantly surprised by a vibrant destination offering so much more.


The port town of Ibiza has a big-city look with a laid-back island vibe and is a fun place to explore on foot while you wander the shops and tapas bars. Overlooking the town is the majestic monument known as Dalt Vila, a Spanish acropolis consisting of a castle, a cathedral and the old city wall. The site, which can be easily visited on foot from the town, was designated a UNESCO Heritage site in 1999.


While visiting Ibiza, take advantage of the opportunity to experience some of Spain’s incredible cuisine. Whether exploring Ibiza Town or heading out to some of the smaller towns and villages like Santa Eulalia, you will find incredible examples of Spanish dishes made with love and the freshest ingredients available. Tapas dishes made with sobrasada, a cured pork sausage; tortilla española, a Spanish omelet made of eggs and potatoes; and a traditional fish stew known as bullit de peix, are everywhere. Be sure to pair your dishes with a good local sangria for a truly Spanish experience.


When the locals take siesta, which usually goes from 2 to 5 p.m., you’ll want to head to the coast to enjoy the beautiful beaches the island is known for. Playa d’en Bossa, a popular 2-mile stretch of sand that helped Ibiza earn its party-island reputation, is lined with sunbeds and umbrellas along with cafés, shops and public restrooms. If you want a beach that requires effort to get to but is well worth the reward, head to Punta Galera on the island’s northwest coast where the rocky shore and crystal-clear waters create an amazing swimming spot.




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