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La Sirena Eco Adventures

by Benjamin Kerns

Mar 26, 2015

© Damon Parker | Dreamstime

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La Sirena Eco Adventures provides aquatic opportunities for tourists and volunteers to experience the wonders of the ocean while helping to encourage conservation. The low-impact activities provide jobs for locals and teach others about the importance of sustaining the waters.


The company is located on the Baja Peninsula in Todos Santos. The adventures they offer include swimming with whales and sharks, kayaking and snorkeling, whale watching and even surf lessons.


Their most important program is their sea turtles voluntourism experience. Volunteers get to swim with the sea turtles while learning all about the role they play in marine environments. You’ll get to participate in research, help with nest relocation to safer places and work on greenhouse incubation and hatchling releases. You’ll be up close and personal with some of the biggest turtles on Earth.


Adventures run all throughout the year with sea turtle voluntourism shifts running any where between early in the morning to late into the night. If you’ve always dreamed about nurturing a little hatchling sea turtle, here’s your chance.


The opportunities are open to anyone at any age. The busiest seasons occurs between November 15 and January 30 as that’s when sea turtles are most active in their — ahem — lovemaking.


There are no fees to sign up and help, but volunteers are responsible for securing their own accommodations. That includes plane tickets, transportation and a place to stay. If you’re a little rusty with your Spanish, don’t worry, they offer lessons to help get you up to speed. Knowledge of the language isn’t necessary to volunteer, however.



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