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Trends / Voluntourism
Jan 9, 2020

‘Fairbnb’: Alternative Accommodation that Supports Local Causes

It’s no secret travel isn’t always an environmentally or socially friendly activity. From airplane pollution to car rentals to small plastic travel bottles, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but travel companies are beginning to make changes to operations to promote more sustainable practices and give back to local communities. One way travelers can do this is by helping out local causes in the destination they plan to visit, and that’s where Fairbnb comes in.

Trends / Voluntourism
Dec 21, 2019

Purpose-Driven Travel is on the Rise

Sustainability and experiential travel have already made headlines as growing industry trends. Purpose-driven travel is also on the rise, giving new focus to existing trends.

Trends / Top Trends
Dec 9, 2019

How Airbnb is Promoting Ethical Animal Tourism

We’ve all seen the ubiquitous photos of our friends (or Facebook acquaintances) posing with tigers in Thailand or riding elephants at Angkor Wat or in India. But what has become known as “animal tourism” isn’t always ethical as some animals are kept in poor conditions, underfed and used solely for tourism purposes. Airbnb is working to combat these potentially harmful activities by offering experiences to their customers, but only those that promote ethical practices for the animals.

Trends / Sustainability
Nov 27, 2019

Environmental Travel Trends

With an eye on environmentally friendly travel, travelers don’t always know where to start on their mission to lessen their impact. Instead, travelers want companies to offer solutions they can incorporate into trips. According to Booking.com's 2019 Sustainable Travel Report, 71 percent of travelers think travel companies should offer consumers more sustainable travel choices. Almost half of the travelers surveyed admitted they find it hard to make sustainable choices on vacation.

Trends / Sustainability
Nov 13, 2019

Traveling with a Purpose

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE? Does it mean you want to do more than just flock around like all the other tourists? In addition to seeing the beauty and history of a foreign land, you can become involved with local communities and get an extraordinary cultural experience. If that is what you are looking for, consider spending some or all of your trip volunteering in one of the thousands of opportunities available worldwide.

Destinations / Europe
Oct 17, 2019

Green Initiatives on the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands, like every other tourist attraction on Earth, are in danger of succumbing to the effects of pollution and plastic waste. While extremely clean compared to other parts of the world, the seas surrounding the Greek Islands have their share of plastic waste floating in the waters and littering the beaches. Luckily, there are steps being enacted to preserve these havens, reduce the damage and reverse it.