LGBT: Pittsburgh

by Daphne Gould

Jul 10, 2016

© Marc Bruxelle | Dreamstime


While Philadelphia is well known for its beloved LGBT community and theater district, it is Pennsylvania’s second largest city that surprises many with its emerging LGBT scene. Many would not expect the city of Pittsburgh, where Appalachia meets the Rust Belt, to have plentiful resources for LGBT individuals. The city nips this old assumption in the bud with its Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh, which hosts a variety of activities unique to the Pittsburgh gay community.


One of the most popular events the GLCC hosts is OUTRageous Bingo, a bingo night/drag show which gives out some raunchy prizes for a crazy night of fun. Jeff, a regular at the OUTRageous Bingo events, had this to say: “The Saturday evenings spent at bingo provides an evening out within the diverse community of bingo-goers. It’s fun, silly, sometimes loud and always exciting as the queer and straight folks find their way to their seats.”


In addition to the GLCC, Blue Moon stands out as a highly-rated gay bar, mostly for its excellent drag shows and fun karaoke. Be wary though, for the bar does allow smoking and this might be something for people with allergies or sensitivity to consider.


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