LGBT: Tahiti

by Benjamin Kerns

Nov 18, 2016

© Guilherme Martins | Dreamstime

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Modern-day Tahiti is reminiscent of what Hawaii once was 50 years ago. The population of this island nation has remained small at around 250,000, leaving the land to grow free and wild, perfect for anyone looking for a little adventure or a stunning getaway.


The locals in Tahiti are welcoming of the LGBT community, though you won’t find many specific places to go if you want to be around other queer folks. There is one gay club in the capital of Papeete, the Piano Bar, located right in the center of downtown. The bar is packed full of LGBT customers on the weekends and is a favorite among local mahu, or male to female transgendered women.


The Tahiti experience is low key with not much partying happening, but it’s a great opportunity to relax and have a few adventures for a week or two. The locals love to hop on a 4×4 and ride around the island. Of course, you’re just a short hop from the surrounding islands if you’re in need of more excitement. A short plane ride will take you right to Bora Bora.


Overall, Tahiti is a great place for a getaway for LGBT singles and couples who are just looking for a place to kick back and soak in the sun. If you’re hoping for a plethora of gay-owned or -friendly establishments, this isn’t really the place for that simply because there isn’t a huge focus on commercialism and everyone pretty much mingles together everywhere you go.



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