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Los Cabos Sets Your Vacation Apart from the Rest

May 11, 2022

© Los Cabos

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Whether you prefer an ultra-luxe resort or a cozy villa on the beach, you’ll find balance again in Los Cabos.


After a long period of uncertainty and stress, you’re probably looking for the perfect place to truly bounce back — a place equal parts relaxation and adventure. In Los Cabos, the mountains, desert and sea all come together, offering endless ways to explore the outdoors and even more ways to unwind. Travel to a place that has it all, and you’re guaranteed to find the getaway you’re looking for.


Maybe you’re in need of a relaxing couple’s trip, just the two of you. Maybe you want to simply get away to pristine beaches and perfect year-round weather. Or maybe an exhilarating adventure in nature is calling your name. Whatever reason you have for taking a getaway, there are plenty of places to set yourself apart in Los Cabos and escape the ordinary.


Los Cabos

© Los Cabos


Places to Stay
There is no better place to entertain your vacation dreams than in Los Cabos’ amazing hotels and resorts. Find the space to give yourself everything you’ve held in, where you don’t have to do a thing — unless you say so.


At the Doorstep of Adventure
The desire to try something new — whether it be a unique blend of cuisines or a pulse-quickening adventure — comes naturally in Los Cabos. Many resorts and hotels feature restaurants led by innovative chefs, or offer one-of-a-kind tours, excursions and outdoor adventures.


Los Cabos

© Los Cabos


At Health & Wellness Resorts
Find yourself in naturally secluded surroundings where you can refresh your mind, body and spirit. Choose from many resorts and hotels offering award-winning spas and holistic wellness therapies, perfect for unwinding after a day spent exploring the ruggedly beautiful landscape or simply de-stressing in paradise.


At All-Inclusive Resorts
Enjoy drinks by the pool or an exciting multicourse dinner. Worry less about the details and focus more on making memories. From luxury offers to practical options, an all-inclusive stay allows you to get the most out of your Los Cabos experience.


Los Cabos

© Los Cabos


Specials and Offers
Imagine waking up to a complimentary breakfast overlooking the crashing Sea of Cortez or spending an extra night in your chic accommodations for free. Here, unexpected perks are something you’ll come to expect.


Special Savings
Change up your routine to celebrate the change in seasons with spring savings, or take a leap on limited-time offers at world-class hotels and resorts. Plus, booking early or booking online could get you even more.


Complimentary Perks
When you book your getaway to Los Cabos, there is so much that comes with it. VIP couples experiences like romantic excursions or dinners, complimentary access to world-class spas and free amenities like parking and internet are just the beginning.


Unique Experiences
Many Los Cabos hotels and resorts boast curated offers and tailor-made experiences you’ll love. Get a taste of culinary expertise and local farm-fresh ingredients on a gastronomy tour. Embrace your adventurous spirit on a guided water journey or see what’s beneath the surface on an exhilarating glass-bottom boat tour.


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