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Making the Best of an Airport Experience: Hamad International Airport

Feb 21, 2023

© Hamad International Airport

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Whether you’re departing from Doha’s Hamad International Airport (DOH) or transferring, the airport offers a variety of experiences for passengers that will enrich any journey.


Although the airport has been operational for less than a decade, it has grown within a short period of time. Hamad International Airport won SKYTRAX’s World Best Airport Award for the second time in 2022, it also welcomed millions of passengers during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and unveiled its latest expansion, and now operates as a single expansive terminal of nearly 8 million square feet.


For passengers traveling to, from and through the airport, waiting will never feel like waiting as the airport carefully curated retail, dining and relaxation offerings that will only enhance a traveler’s experience, making it a destination on its own.


If you are at Hamad International Airport, here are a few things to include on your bucket list:

Hamad International Airport

© Hamad International Airport


The true masterpiece of the extended concourse is the ORCHARD, a nearly 65,000 square-foot tropical garden, with a beautiful 6,000-square-foot water feature, located at the center of the terminal expansion, set to elevate passengers’ experiences for those seeking relaxation and serenity as part of their journey.


With a host of different flora, the ORCHARD is home to more than 300 trees and more than 25,000 plants sourced from sustainable forests around the world. The unique design of the area allows trees and plants to easily adapt to the internal conditions and grow throughout the life of the airport — with natural light to create a calming ambiance and promote a sense of wellbeing to all who venture inside.


The expansion increased the capacity of the airport to more than 58 million passengers per year and offers visitors an abundance of world-class services, a second airport hotel and multiple lounges. The 3-level state-of-the-art terminal is currently undergoing the second phase of its expansion plans, that when completed will feature two concourse extensions that will increase capacity to more than 70 million annually.


Wellbeing and Relaxation

For longer waiting times, passengers can enjoy their stay at one of the contemporary airside hotels in North and South Plaza, to refresh, recharge and relax in between flights.


Situated at Oryx Airport Hotel in the south plaza is the Vitality Wellbeing Spa and Fitness Centre, that features an 82-foot swimming pool, gym, spa and squash court. These facilities are accessible whether the traveler is a guest of this hotel or the new Oryx Garden Hotel, in the new north plaza.

Hamad International Airport

© Hamad International Airport

The airport also hosts other hospitality offering such as Be Relax Spa, Quiet Rooms and Sleep & Fly lounges.


State-of-the-Art retail and F&B Options

Hamad International Airport offers more than 130 retail and 45 food and beverage options, spanning  more than nearly 400,000 square feet, in its terminal. The new expansion alone, which is 172,000 square feet, provides a multidimensional retail and F&B offering, with more than 40 new retail stores including a flagship Louis Vuitton shop, an exclusive Fendi Boutique and Cafe, in addition to a Dior Spa. Other global “firsts” at the airport includes Thom Browne’s only store in an airport; the largest Ray Ban store in an airport; and a line-up of other prestigious brands such as flagship boutiques of Gucci, Burberry, Tiffany, and Bvlgari, among others.


In December 2022, Hamad International Airport officially launched the first-ever FIFA store at its premises, offering visitors a collection of FIFA merchandise, including football jerseys, sports attires, accessories, souvenirs and collectibles.


For the best F&B options on offer, the airport is the only one in the Middle East with The Harrods Tea Room, near the iconic “Lamp Bear,” and hosts two Harrods Signature stores. Available at the new expansion are the first Fendi Café, the first Ralph’s Coffee Shop and the world’s first Oreo Café in an airport.


Hamad International Airport continues to grow and connect global travelers through its world-class premises — offering exquisite options and a tranquil escape before any journey — aiming to fulfil its vision, becoming the leader in the industry and setting the bar higher with new unmatched experiences.


An Airport Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts, will enjoy an experience that enriches their taste, with a variety of art pieces by local, regional and international artists, located throughout the airport, specially curated by Qatar Museums. These are the iconic “Lamp Bear” by Swiss artist Urs Fischer that takes center stage in the middle of the terminal in the south plaza, surrounded by a comprehensive range of duty-free stores; French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel’s “COSMOS;” “Small lie” by KAWS; and many more.

Hamad International Airport

© Hamad International Airport

Seamless Connectivity

The three-level expansive terminal at the two-time world’s best airport enables travelers to seamlessly transfer from one area to another, to allow more time to explore and relax. Thanks to the new transfer hall on concourse C (Transfer Hall C), where the level of security, customer service and efficiency allows passengers to smoothly arrive and depart the airport, with the minimum waiting time.


Moreover, the airport’s passenger train connects all the terminal areas, so passengers can move easily to visit the nearby attractions, and make use of every minute they have to spare within the terminal.


Hamad International Airport made sure no matter the duration at the airport, travelers can live a luxurious and enjoyable experience no matter what your interests are. Between the Orchard, various pieces of art within the airport, Wellbeing and Fitness facilities, spas, shopping retails, restaurants, lounges, hotels and more, you will always find the time you spend is never enough.


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