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Ministry of Supply

by Samantha DiMauro

Nov 17, 2014

© Mircea_dfa | Dreamstime


Welcome to the Space Age. You can now shop for clothing designed by Ministry of Supply, which is not only stitched with cotton and polyester, but with technology too. The three co-founders met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010, and worked to find the crosshair of performance, technology and styled clothing.


The men’s retailer takes NASA technology and robotically knits it seamlessly into men’s button downs, polos, socks and slacks to provide supreme comfort and durability — a perfect fit for the frequent traveler.


Their clothing is made with what they call “phrase-change materials” (or PCMs), which are used in spacesuits to regulate temperature. They react to your environment, storing heat away from your body when you’re in the sweltering sun, then releasing it back to you once you move into an air-conditioned space. Moisture-wicking fabrics pull moisture (like sweat) away from the body and store it, so you feel and look fresh all day long.


Seemingly designed for the business traveler on the go, dress shirts are made with “everfuse” fabric, which gives your clothes a fresh, dry-cleaned look even after an eight-hour flight. Sweaters and socks are designed with “javafresh” fabrics, which is built-in odor control. The fabric is made from recycled coffee grounds, and filters and absorbs where you most need it.



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Buddha Board

Practicing mindfulness is an increasingly popular and recognized method for reducing stress, but for those needing to keep their hands busy in order to ease their anxieties, mindfulness can be difficult. While fidget toys can work in a pinch, sometimes you just want more. If you’ve tried to keep your mind clear and your hands busy with things like adult coloring books, and you’ve found that still doesn’t do much for you (all that pressure to stay inside the lines!), you might want to try the Buddha Board.

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United Airlines remains firmly committed toward sustainability in aviation. The latest development in its eco-conscious goals includes working with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures to commercialize the production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) with biotech firm Cemvita Factory. Cemvita looks to develop a revolutionary new way to produce SAF by using carbon dioxide and synthetic microbes. Additionally, United Airlines Ventures (UAV) recently announced an equity investment in Fulcrum, and United has invested more in SAF production than any other airline in the world.

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Foragers Table Reopens in Manhattan’s Chelsea Neighborhood for First Time Since Pandemic

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