Nation´s First Dog Café Opens in Los Angeles

by Allie Moore

Sep 4, 2016

© Djama86 | Dreamstime

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Man´s best friend isn´t allowed to enter most establishments unless prior authorization is obtained or the animal is working as a guide dog. However, a cafe in Los Angeles is openings its doors to furry friends with whom guests can visit while they sip lattes.


The Dog Café opened in late 2015 with a mission to connect adoptable dogs with potential owners. Rather than visiting dogs at an animal shelter, the environment of which is sometimes quite depressing, prospective adopters can visit and get to know the pups in a more pleasant atmosphere.


The website notes advance appointments are recommended in order to avoid overwhelming the animals with an influx of visitors. For $10, guests can spend 55 minutes in the dog play area. Visitors without a previously booked appointment will have their name added to a wait list.


Those who are serious about adopting a dog will be able to spend time with all the animals to see which one(s) they connect with. Then adopters will complete an application and undergo a home inspection to see if the environment is suitable for the dog they have chosen. There is an in-home trial period for a few weeks, making the entire adoption process about one month. The owners find this is the best way for all parties to learn what is best for the owner and the dog.


Visitors who adore dogs but who are not interested in or ready for adoption can make an appointment to sip tea and pet some of the dogs to get their animal fix for the day.


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