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Doggy Destinations Across the United States

by Sofitel Hotels

May 30, 2016
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National Pet Month is coming to a close, but you have plenty of summer left to enjoy a vacation with your pet. Here are three destinations across the country with great dog parks and attractions your pet is sure to enjoy.


New York

A stroll through Central Park is a must for New York in the summertime. Visitors who bring pooches have 23 dog-friendly areas to explore, in addition to 21 dog fountains for them to keep cool (drinking from human fountains is prohibited). Off-leash hours are before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m., and there are some area,s like Shakespeare Garden and Strawberry Fields, where it is always required.



There are plenty of dog parks in Chicago, but the most popular is Montrose Beach, sitting on the edge of Lake Michigan. There are plenty of amenities like food stands, volleyball rentals and showers. If your dog has a taste for adrenaline, consider a ride on Seadog Cruises, which has free seating for dogs who want to feel a 45 mph breeze.


Los Angeles

LA is one of the best city destinations for your dog to explore. There are several great, dog-friendly hiking trails around the area, some of which even let your dog run free without a leash. Elysian Park is a hidden gem located close to downtown, and if you want to do some celebrity spotting head to Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills.,


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