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New Scottish Sleeper Trains Will Feel Like a Hotel

by Megan Hill

Oct 29, 2017

© Valery Ivashchenko | Dreamstime

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The Caledonian Sleeper train zipping passengers between London and Scotland while they sleep will get a luxurious upgrade next year.

New carriages will make the train feel more like a hotel, with amenities like double beds, en suite bathrooms and comfort seats. Travelers will access rooms with a hotel-style key card, and rooms will be outfitted with new panels for charging devices. Trains will also have WiFi throughout.

The train currently leaves London’s Euston Station and travels to Scotland, allowing access to top travel areas like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen and Fort William.

The new cars are being tested in the Czech Republic for roll-out in the spring of 2018.

The idea is to deliver travelers to their destinations thoroughly rested. “The Sleeper allows for plenty of time for a full day of work or play, before transporting you to and from the destinations we serve — without the hassle of flying,” said Peter Strachan, chairman, Caledonian Sleeper, in a statement. “The Sleeper offers great value for money compared to other travel and accommodation options and combined with the new train accommodation, will give guests the journey of a night time.”

The company has been working on other improvements, like better food and beverage options that incorporate Scottish produce and other ingredients. Improved ticketing systems and a new website have also been added.


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