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Phoenix’s Iconic Egyptian Motor Hotel is Resurrected

by Aoife O'Riordan

Feb 21, 2022

© Gabby Usinger/Egyptian Motor Hotel


The retro Egyptian Motor Hotel in downtown Phoenix, once the go-to hotel for guests in the 1950s, has been revived to welcome guests once more this spring. The 49-room property will soon feature retro modern rooms, live entertainment and dining.


Egyptian Motor Hotel

© Gabby Usinger/Egyptian Motor Hotel


“We are delighted to open the Egyptian and become an intrinsic and active contributor to Grand Avenue’s eclectic and creative corridor,” said Gene Kornota, principal, Rebel Hospitality. “The independent spirit and creativity that exude from this community are in perfect harmony with the ethos of the Egyptian, and it’s what inspired us to create a destination that could seamlessly become an integral part of downtown Phoenix’s epicenter for innovators, artists and creators.”


The property’s upgrades and amenities will include Egyptian Live, a 250-seat outdoor entertainment venue and nightlife spot with a cocktail bar, welcoming local musicians, comedians, live art and magicians year-round, as well as Chilte, a restaurant serving locally sourced artisanal street food by Chef Lawrence.


Egyptian food

© Gabby Usinger/Egyptian Motor Hotel


In some of the hotel’s rooms, acoustic guitars await guests while outdoor games like giant Jenga, foosball, submarine races in the water feature and corn hole are featured for all guests. Each guestroom will come with the latest technology including Marshall Bluetooth speakers and free WiFi.


The hotel invited guests from across the country for decades before closing in the 1980s. Longtime owners of The Las Palmas saw the potential and unique beauty of the Egyptian and decided to partner with Chicago-based hotel developer and management company Rebel Hospitality to resurrect the hotel and bring it back to its former glory. Guests will feel as if they have taken a step back in time, but with all the comforts of modern amenities.


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