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Hit the Road on a AKTIVO Electric Scooter

by Benjamin Kerns

Mar 4, 2020

© Maocheng | Dreamstime

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The AKTIVO Scoot is an electric scooter that allows you to stroll the streets in style. This elegantly designed mode of transportation is both fast and portable, making it perfect to take on the road.


The scooter is built with performance in mind. It consists of a single-piece magnesium frame so there is nothing to put together. It comes with a 1,000-watt brushless motor, making it the fastest electric scooter in its category. It also tackles up to 20-degree slopes with ease, both up and downhill. The AKTIVO Scoot also features position and braking lights, ceramic brakes and high steering accuracy.


At just less than 30 pounds, it’s easy to carry. It also folds in half to reduce the bulkiness. The scooter also boasts front-wheel shock absorption, a double-action brake lever and a complete dashboard that includes a speedometer, battery status, light and speed control and a monitor that tracks the health of its hardware. It’s all controlled with a fingertip. You can also connect it to an app on your smartphone to find statistics about your riding history and a map to help you get around. It also includes fast charging and a full battery can last up to 15 uninterrupted miles.


The AKTIVO Scoot already reached its fundraising goals and the first products are in development. Shipments are expected to begin in May 2020. Check out the website for more information on features and ways to order.


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