Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona

by Allie Moore

May 4, 2016

Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain © Alterna2 | Flickr

Reviews / Entertainment

The legendary nightlife scene in the electric European city of Barcelona can be felt throughout the streets, from the bumping clubs on the beach to the quieter yet just as popular late-night bars closer to the mountains. In the less-visited neighborhood of Poble Nou, where warehouses and abandoned buildings claim the quiet streets, a nightclub emerges like a techno-fueled monster out of a placid lake.



Sala Razzmatazz opened in 2000 and ever since has welcomed musical acts, international DJs and performers into its hollowed-out spaces. The former warehouse blends in with its neighbors, yet once inside, a dark world of electronic dance music and flashing lights float throughout the five separate clubs, all under one roof.


General admission prices range from $14 to $19, which includes one drink from the bar. Club-goers can visit the website before their night out to scout potential discounts. Acts range widely in terms of musical style and intended audience, so check the online schedule before attending.



Sala Razzmatazz has a slight reputation for attracting university students, but with the mass of people, loud music and flowing beverages, braving the younger crowd to dance to your favorite DJ is well worth it.


Sala Razzmatazz

C/ Pamplona 88, 1er piso

08018, Barcelona

93 320 82 00



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