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May 26, 2020

Review: Sopa Barcelona

Located on a flat corner in Barcelona’s Poble Nou neighborhood, a site for many a tech startup or already established tech giant (like HP Enterprise and Booking.com), Sopa serves as a perfect lunch spot during the workday. The cafeteria-style eatery lets you fill up on vegetarian and vegan dishes and either dine in, take the food outside to the patio dining area or take it back to the office for a lunchtime meeting.

Discover Must-Visit Wellness Spots in South Korea

Travelers go on trips for various reasons: Some love to enjoy unique culinary experiences, while others want to explore new cultures and have authentic local experiences. Whatever the reason, vacations should have one thing in common — rest. In fact, healing and healthy ways to boost the immune system are trending topics now and Korean-style wellness is just what you need on future trips. At the 48 recommended wellness travel destinations in Korea, visitors can relax and recharge by enjoying different types of Korean therapy and participating in programs that seek healing in nature. Stay at home and visit Korea for a wellness vacation when it's safe to travel again.

Reviews / Restaurant
May 7, 2020

Review: FABRIKA, The Beer Pub

FABRIKA, The Beer Pub is a combination pub and restaurant that boasts its own selection of hand-crafted brews and wine. Its location in the LOFT Hotel makes it easily accessible for guests, but its selective menu and incredible drinks bring in diners from all across Bratislava.

Reviews / Restaurant
Apr 29, 2020

Review: Tyber Creek Wine Bar & Kitchen, Washington, D.C.

Tyber Creek Wine Bar & Kitchen is a little restaurant tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in Washington, D.C. You might not even notice it because it blends with the houses; I almost walked right by. My friend found the restaurant on Yelp and it lived up to the reviews.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Step right up to the greatest show on Earth as FXExpress Publications, Global Traveler, trazeetravel.com and whereverfamily.com celebrate their 2020 award winners! Join the big top on Dec. 14 as we virtually award the winners of the 17th annual GT Tested Reader Survey awards, including the Airline and Hotel of the Year; the 17th annual Wines on the Wing Airline Wine Survey; the eighth annual Leisure Lifestyle Awards; the sixth annual The Trazees; and the third annual Wherever Awards.

Reviews / Restaurant
Apr 27, 2020

Review: Hawker 45, Barcelona, Spain

As a major international city with residents from all over the world, it’s not too difficult to find the precise cuisine you’re craving on any given day in Barcelona. But if you happen to be craving a modern take on Singaporean street food, you’re in luck: Hawker 45 in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood specializes in street food not only from Singapore, but also from other Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Some dishes even have a touch of Latin American influence, making Hawker 45 a true confluence of cultures and cuisines.