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Astrology-Themed Bar Opens in Midtown, New York City

by Aoife O'Riordan

May 9, 2024

© Nick Johnson


Are you a horoscope follower? Do you enjoy a good cocktail with friends? Midtown New York City is officially home to a new cocktail bar centered around all things astrology and horoscopes. Aptly named Little Dipper, partners Bobby Papachryssanthou and Steven Duran worked together to create a unique and fun space with a vibrant cocktail program and tasty small plates.



© Nick Johnson

Located underground (descend a staircase lined with zodiac-inspired scenes), this intimate space is bathed in subdued lighting and accented with blue velvet banquette seating and screens on the ceiling to imitate the night sky with shooting stars. White marble table tops and constellation-shaped light fixtures add to the ethereal nature of the space.



© Nick Johnson

The menu consists of, of course, 12 cocktails, each inspired by the characteristics of the astrological signs. Warrior Vibe for Aries features whiskey, aloe honey, cherry bitters and a tableside infusion of green tea; while King of the Jungle for Leo is a concoction of vodka, pineapple ginger shrub, Le Moné, maple and gum Arabic topped with elderflower tonic.


Other fun drinks include Star Maiden (Virgo), an arugula-infused mezcal with marshmallow root-infused banana, simple syrup, lime and aperitivo float; Devoted (Cancer), which features dill-infused gin, brennivin, lemon and gooseberry; and Balance (Libra), a drink with strawberry-infused amaro, absinthe and cinnamon cream.



© Nick Johnson

Complement cocktails with an array of tasty shareables like chicken bites and caviar, eggs on toast, smoked trout dip and uni tater tots. Or indulge in tableside handroll service, offered on a Japanese-style street cart with options like Toro, spicy scallop and uni.


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