Clubbing Capital: Stockholm

by Akhil Kalepu

Dec 4, 2015

© Zeljko Dangubic | Dreamstime

Spring Break

From Adam Beyer to Icona Pop to Avicii, Swedish dance culture has touched every corner of electronic music. Here are six clubs to get a taste of that sound when you’re in Stockholm.



Sturecompagniet is one of the country’s oldest and most well-known dance venues. It is also the biggest in Stockholm, with its grand ballroom décor housing five dance floors and several bars, as well as three stories of winding staircases and intimate chill-out rooms.



Berns Salonger

This restaurant/entertainment venue isn’t actually a club, but it regularly holds electronic music events to cater to Stockholm’s thriving dance scene. The 19th-century baroque mansion is located in Berzeli Park, and has been entertaining the city since 1865. Today, it beautifully balances minimal stylings with its old-world surroundings.


The White Room

If you prefer the finer things, The White Room is a more upscale and more expensive venue to check out. After opening 10 years ago, this mainstream EDM club is a hit with Swedish celebrities and wealthy youngsters of Stockholm. The place is spacious and regularly parties past 3 a.m.



Under Bron/Trädgården

These clubs actually make up two parts of the same venue. Under Bron is a winter-time club located underneath Skanstullsbron Bridge, known for their international bookings and various art showcases. Trädgården is the venue’s outdoor party space open during the warmer months, and has become one of Stockholm’s most popular summer spots.


Nandi Lee, Pet Sounds Bar, Stockholm, Sweden © Pelle Sten | Flickr

Nandi Lee, Pet Sounds Bar © Pelle Sten | Flickr


Pet Sounds Bar

Pet Sounds Bar is a different kind of venue. It’s the physical location for the famous Pet Sounds Records, and focuses on interesting cocktails and an eclectic range of musical performances. Their nightly concerts usually start before 9 p.m., making this musical watering hole a great stop before taking on Stockholm for the night.


Marie Laveau

This New Orleans-style club showcases local and international talent across a range of genres, usually rock, hip-hop, soul, disco and funk. The kitchen also serves up classic American fare, giving you a taste of home while in Sweden.


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