The Best Clubbing Cities of Europe

by Allie Moore

Nov 20, 2015

Watergate, Berlin, Germany © Roman Konigshofer | Flickr

Spring Break

Backpacking through Europe is a constant on many young travelers’ bucket lists. Luckily for budget travelers, some of Europe’s most thrilling party cities are also easy on the wallet. Pack your party clothes and get ready to soak up the world of EDM (electronic dance music) in some of Europe’s best nightclubs.


Cross Club, Prague, Czech Republic © Tini S. | Flickr

Cross Club © Tini S. | Flickr



The capital of the Czech Republic is famous for all-night parties that won’t break the bank. Pub crawls, nightclubs and cheap beer prices make this Eastern European city an exciting party town with a fairytale backdrop.


Berghain, Berlin, Germany © Tim | Flickr

Berghain Nightclub © Tim | Flickr



The lights of central Germany shine through the night in Europe’s capital of dance music. The city is famous for its underground nightclub scene where locals and visitors party until the not-so-wee hours of the morning.


DJ Shadow performing in Amsterdam's Paradiso Nightclub, The Netherland's © Chris Giroux | Dreamstime 50141553

DJ Shadow performing at Paradiso © Chris Giroux | Dreamstime



Amsterdam‘s party reputation is no secret, but it’s one city that needs to be experienced to believe. Heathens flock to the capital of The Netherlands where debauchery reigns supreme once the Dutch sun sets.


Claude Von Stroke at Village Underground, London, United Kingdom © Villunderlondon | Flickr

Village Underground © Villunderlondon | Flickr



Prices in England’s capital city can be a bit steep compared with other European cities, but if posh partying and gin are part of your party agenda, underground clubs in London are sure to please.


Royksopp and Robyn at Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain © Christian Bertrand | Dreamstime 46151195

Royksopp and Robyn at Sonar Festival © Christian Bertrand | Dreamstime



The capital of Catalonia is one of Europe’s liveliest cities and the party scene does not disappoint. With some clubs opening at 2 a.m. and not closing until well after sunrise, a few weeks of sleep may be in order before landing in Spain.


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