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Snonav App

by Holly Riddle

Feb 16, 2023

© Snonav


Avid skiers and snowboarders don’t want crowds getting in the way of a good time on the slopes, and the new app Snonav is here to help.


Calling itself the “Waze for the slopes,” Snonav is a navigation and routing app showing users what’s happening on the mountain in real time. Are there crowds clustered around certain trails or lifts? Are certain lifts open or closed? Snonav uses heat mapping to show you, sending alerts and evaluating flow and bottlenecks. Using this information, users can then decide where they’d prefer to head on the mountain.


Need help deciding? Tell the app your ability level and it’ll provide a customized, recommended ski route.



© Snonav


“Our biggest motivator is always how we can make skiing and snowboarding a better experience,” said Robert Petcove, CEO and founder, Snonav. “We’re able to offer robust and unique features because all of our technology is built from the ground up. Mountain routing is complicated and can’t be done using existing technology or data. This is largely why no other player has tackled true navigation for skiing.”


Snonav, endorsed by the National Ski Patrol, is available for iPhone, Apple Watch and Android devices. Snonav tracks data at resorts worldwide, including in the United States, Austria, Italy, Andorra, Canada, Sweden, Australia, France and Switzerland.


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