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Stay Clean On Your Next Outdoor Adventure

by Benjamin Kerns

Mar 19, 2015

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Week-long hikes or camping trips are the dream of every outdoor traveler. What they don’t dream about is the stench that comes along with it. It’s fine to get in touch with nature, but nobody should walk around smelling like it.


Buy a Portable Shower

You don’t need a bathroom to get in a good wash; you can just take the shower with you. The Helio Pressure Shower and similar products can fit in your pack and be hung from a tree branch to douse you with much needed suds.


Bring Along Cotton Swabs

If you haven’t time for a shower or just don’t feel like taking one, bring along some cotton balls and a little hydrogen peroxide. Pour some of the hydrogen peroxide on a few cotton balls then swab yourself in all the pertinent areas to keep yourself smelling clean and mildly medicinal.


Carry Some Organic Soap

There are plenty of bath bars that are safe for the environment. Find a stream, creek or river and lather up with some organic soap. You’ll be protecting the wildlife from harmful chemicals and your funky armpit stench at the same time.


Bathe Like a Baby

We don’t mean literally, like naked in a sink or anything. Bring along some baby wipes to help rinse off the dust and grime you pick up on your adventures. Be forewarned, though, that a lot of them leave behind a sticky residue that can feel a little weird. On the plus side, you’ll smell pretty nice.


Pack a Collapsible Bucket

Collapsible buckets fit nicely into your backpack and can be used in a jiffy to help wash your stink off. You’ll need to pack a washcloth and some soap, too, and hope for a good source of water.



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Apr 21, 2019

Casamera: World’s Softest Towel

Are you looking for a travel towel that dries quickly and still feels luxurious? Look no further than the Casamera, the world’s softest towel. The luxury bath towel is designed to dry five times faster than regular towels and lasts 10 times longer. It’s the perfect companion for an extended road trip.

Enjoy the Open Road on Your Terms

For most of us, time in the car is “me time.” You can listen to that podcast you’re captivated by, blast that pop song and sing along at the top of your lungs or listen to the next chapter in that biography e-book you’re almost finished. A road trip only amplifies those opportunities. So, next time you’re traveling by road, take the wheel and take control. Opt for a rental car on your next vacation, rather than a rideshare, taxi or public transportation, and enjoy the open road on your own terms.

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Extreme Ironing

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Apr 20, 2019

World Bog Snorkeling Championships

In case you might’ve thought the world was running out of ridiculous things to turn into sporting events, let us introduce you to the World Bog Snorkeling Championships. The muddy, underwater event actually dates back to 1985 and is arguably one of the grossest competitions in the world. Of course, it was created in Wales.