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Studying Abroad in Tokyo

by Erich Martin

Sep 11, 2019

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan © Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

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Studying abroad is a dream many college students share. Desired locations definitely vary by student, but the idea of getting away for a semester or year is understandably appealing.


Traveling to Tokyo to study abroad might seem intimidating at first. Combining a long flight, a huge language barrier and one of the densest cities in the world is understandably intimidating.


In most cases, the easiest way to study abroad in Tokyo will likely be to first check if your current school has a campus in the country. For example, Temple University has a campus in Tokyo and offers study abroad programs.


If your school doesn’t offer explicit study abroad opportunities in Japan, there are still opportunities to go and study. There is no real language barrier in Tokyo. Friends who studied there in college explained many, if not all, courses were offered in English. Most study abroad courses also include some type of Japanese lessons to help get students on a language-learning path.


One of the big benefits to studying in Tokyo is the large amount of international students. When specific programs send students, they often will send whole groups. This is perfect because, like going away to school for the first time, the group you travel with includes built-in friends.


Check out this full guide if you are considering studying abroad in Japan.


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