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Take a Happiness Masterclass in the World’s Happiest Country

by Holly Riddle

Mar 31, 2023

© Kondratova | Dreamstime.com

Destinations / Europe

In 2023, Finland was, for the sixth year in a row, named the world’s happiest country. Now, for the first time ever, Finland invites travelers from around the world to discover Finland’s secrets to happiness on their own, via a Masterclass of Happiness, a multiday experience slated for June 2023.


Over the course of the masterclass, to be held in the Finnish Lakeland region, participants enjoy in-person, one-on-one coaching on discovering their inner happiness through the four key elements of Finnish happiness: nature, lifestyle, food and sustainability.


During the masterclass, the Lakeland setting gives participants easy access to nature, showing off just a fraction of Finland’s natural abundance, with the country’s 187,000 lakes and 41 national parks. Simple lifestyle habits can be explored as well, such as enjoying the Finnish sauna. Sustainability can be seen in the setting’s Finnish design and the Finnish approach to food can be enjoyed via restaurants’ usage of fresh, seasonal, natural ingredients, including foraged ones.


There is an application process to participate in the masterclass, accepted through April 2. You can submit an application on your own or with a friend or relative. If your application is accepted, you’ll receive both travel and accommodations free of charge.


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