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The Best Ways to Connect to WiFi When Traveling

by Allie Moore

Nov 24, 2015

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Travelers who lack the foresight to arrange an international SIM card or calling plan before jetting off to a foreign land have to rely on sporadic WiFi connections in order to access the Internet and transmit data. Never fear, last-minute trippers, because WiFi hotspots are available all over the planet, and most are just a quick password away.


At the beginning of your trip, send those last few emails from the airport where WiFi connections are free but are sometimes limited to a set period of time.


The vital connection you need in order to post that photo to Instagram is typically present in hotels and hostels, so you’ll be covered so long as you don’t decide to venture outside your rented bedroom for the entirety of your stay. If you do choose to actually leave your lodging, you may luck out and find free WiFi hotspots throughout cities with a heavy tourist presence. While not always completely reliable, the flighty connection may be all you need to feel somewhat connected to your world back home.


The next best bet for a wireless connection can be sought out in restaurants and cafes, as long as you are a patron to the services. If you can’t afford to buy a latte every time you want to update your Twitter status, use your holiday as an opportunity to disconnect from your devices and reconnect with your thoughts.



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