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The Høllen Scarf: Stay Warm Without the Bulk

by Allie Moore

Nov 26, 2015

© Valentin Armianu | Dreamstime


Most travel advice articles will remind you temperatures can vary when traveling, especially if flying is involved. The best way to prepare for this, of course, is to wear layers. But what if you only had to wear one layer, with enough fabric to cover you and the capability to don and remove more easily than a bulky sweater or coat?


The Arrivals, a clothing brand based in New York City, sells an oversized scarf constructed to meet all your transit apparel needs. Measuring 90 inches by 16 inches, the Høllen scarf (or essentially a wearable blanket) is made of a heavy-duty, alpaca-blend fabric not only insulating and warming, but also water repellant. The blend is 50 percent Peruvian alpaca and 50 percent acrylic, ensuring considerable warmth and comfort, yet without the potential to become overheated.


When your airplane blanket just doesn’t provide enough warmth or surface area to cover your napping body, this giant scarf makes up for it, and then some. Wrap it around multiple times to wear as a traditional scarf, or spread it across your body for a mid-air nap.


Available in grey and black, the scarf retails at $95 and can be purchased only on The Arrivals website. Shipping is available within the United States and to select international destination.



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