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Rest Your Head with the Trtl Napscarf

by Allie Moore

Jul 3, 2015

© Davide Guidolin | Dreamstime

Products / Travel

Traveling in comfort can prove difficult when facing upright, middle-row airplane seats with sparse legroom. Ubiquitous neck pillows are only so comfortable and often leave travelers with stiff joints. In response to the growing demand for cozy air travel, English company Trtl has introduced a Napscarf, a wrap-able, foldable scarf that lets you rest your head and rest your mind with no straining and no pain.


This patented scarf has been scientifically proven to maintain a more comfortable and safe position than a typical travel pillow. The scarf can be folded and secured with Velcro into the size of a tablet, and the material is completely machine-washable to ensure freshness between trips.



When you’re ready to use the Napscarf, simply undo the Velcro, roll out the scarf and rest your chin and neck in the pocket, which is designed to fit any face shape. A cushioned support layer holds your head in place in a neutral position, regardless of which side you choose to rest.


The Napscarf can be purchased online on the company’s website or on Amazon. International shipping is available and the scarf retails for approximately $30, when converted from the UK price of £19.95.



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