Propaganda Poster Art Centre

by Brendan Byrne

Apr 10, 2016

© Llee_wu | Flickr

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One of the world’s oldest and largest cultures, is also one of the most secretive. China loosened its grip on tourism over the last few decades and offers many uniquely Chinese places to visit once in country.


The Propaganda Poster Art Centre is one such place to spend a hot summer day. The well-lit, nicely air conditioned museum offers a glimpse at the rich diverse history of the Chinese people and government. Show your passport at the entrance gate and you will receive a free ticket to the museum.


Once inside you can give your time to the art, depicting life and culture from a rich history. Offering amazing posters and art with refreshingly honest commentary, the museum is full and rich in culture from times past. From there, it is really easy to link it with a walk in the French Concession.


By the end of the day, you will be ready for a drink and a snack. Why not stop in Time Passage, a great dive bar that has been around since 1994?


Propaganda Poster Art Centre

868 Huashan Rd

Xuhui, Shanghai

86 21 6211 1845



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